What is Tasleem?

  • Tasleem" is an application and website (middleman), where we connect customers with restaurants and shops. We are currently working in Oman and will then move abroad. We offer a creative and fast way for customers to find the best of the market. With just a few simple and easy steps, your order to your site is taken using the app or website.

    1. What does "Tasleem" do?

  • We are an intermediary company that receives your order and sends it to the restaurant or shops through a program that links the restaurant to shops, so don't hesitate and ask and receive through the "Tasleem".

    2. Why should I request through "Tasleem"?

  • "Tasleem" app ensures you choose the best restaurants and shops. It also provides time, effort, and money for the user. On the other hand, you can see photos of meals, products, and customer evaluations.

    3. How much does it cost when I use "Tasleem" services?

  • The only additional cost that can be added to the order value is for restaurant delivery.

    4. Do you have prepaid / credit card services?

  • Yes. Most restaurants and shops in "Tasleem" offer online payment using the credit cards and prepayments.

    5. Do you have special offers on some meals or products?

  • You can see all offers of restaurants and shops on the home page of the restaurant or shop.

    6. How can I order through "Tasleem"?

  • Process is simple, just follow the instructions
    a. Initially, you can dial as a registered member or as a speed dial without registering. Click here to register.
    b. State your location
    c. Choose your restaurant or shop from the list by clicking on the name.
    d. Put a checkmark "True" on the box next to your choice of item and add the number in the quantity you want next to the box. Go to the bottom of the page to view all the list and click on next in the cart.
    e. Make sure all information is correct, then press "Execute Order" to fulfill your order. Your order will be directed to the restaurant immediately. It should be noted that in the case of using "Tasleem" for the first time we will make sure of your contact information.

    7. Can I order without registering an account as a user?

  • Yes. You can order as a visitor request, an easy way for new arrivals to experience our service via the app or website.

    8. I entered my email / password incorrectly and now my account has been suspended. What should I do?

  • If you enter your email/password repeatedly 5 times, your account will be temporarily suspended. The system will automatically send a confirmation email link to your email address, and you will have to click on this link in order to activate your account. In this email, we will also ask you to choose a new password to use for "Tasleem".

    10. If I submit an order, how long does it take to receive the request?

  • It depends on the restaurant policy and your home’s distance from the restaurant. Usually, delivery takes 45 minutes in normal conditions. In the event of crowding or any emergency, there will be a delay of up to an hour. If some restaurants have a different delivery time, this will be mentioned on the restaurant page.

    11. I made a request now but I am not sure if you have received it. what should I do?

  • Go to "My Account" and click "Basket" to see if your application was successfully submitted or not. You can also use Live Chat to inquire about the status of your order.

    12. How can I add an order as a favorite?

  • You can simply click on the "Add as Favorite" icon on all menu items in restaurants and shops.

    13. Can I submit a previous request?

  • Yes, you can. By adding a previous order to favorites and clicking on purchase.

    14. I forgot to add an item to my order, what should I do?

  • Call live chat if you need to add or remove items from your order. However, please note that if the restaurant sends the order, then any additional item will be considered as a new order.

    15. What if there is a problem with an order?

  • If you have any complaints about your request, you can inform us through direct chat or by calling the call center at 92151880 or you can send your opinion and feedback and add a complaint to info@tasleem.com in and our customer service team will deal with it and respond to you.

    16. Can I cancel my order? (Subject to the policy set, for example, late orders, missing items, wrong items, and late delivery).

  • Yes, you can cancel your order (either pay by cash, prepaid card, or credit card) within 5 minutes of submitting your order. Please note that you cannot cancel your order after that due to the possibility of carrying out your order by the restaurant. In the event that your order is delayed for more than 20 minutes after the delivery time specified by the restaurant, you can also cancel your order by calling or chatting directly. For prepaid card requests, please read the prepaid card terms and conditions.

    17. How long does the refund process take for orders that were paid online?

  • The time period for a refund varies depending on the type of payment method used. Pay by credit card (MasterCard and Visa) may take up to two weeks for the money to be returned. Please read the terms and conditions to learn more about our refund policy.

    18. The order I received was not acceptable, how can I contact you?

  • In the event that the order you obtained does not match the order you submitted or in the event of missing/wrong items in your order, you can contact us directly through direct chat or call our call center and our customer service staff will send a complaint letter to the restaurant or the shop and we will notify you accordingly.

    19. Can I evaluate or comment on my recent order?

  • Yes, you can rate and write your opinion about your previous order. You can simply go "My requests" on the "My Account" page and click on a specific request to evaluate/write a comment on your request. Please note that comments are subject to our supervision and will be shown in the restaurant section within 24 hours.
    We do not modify or change any section of your opinion, but we will not post any opinion containing dissenting content. Please read our own section of our terms and conditions for more information on our feedback and feedback policy.

    20. What is the gift coupon of "Tasleem'?

  • The gift coupon of "Tasleem" is a service that enables users to obtain information with predetermined amounts of delivery.

    21. How I contact with "Tasleem"?

  • You can speak with the assistance employee directly through direct chat or call during working hours every day 24 hours or by calling the hotline or sending your suggestions through the button Share our opinion on the home page.